Personal Services

Lifestyle Analysis & Personal Styling (Full service)

 - Analyzing client’s lifestyle and desired image.

 - Offering style education and total make-overs (Color analysis, Style & fit, Clothing personality) to align a client's image to existing/new lifestyle; fulfilling the desired image.

 - Wardrobe Edits; structuring the wardrobe essentials, seasonal add-ons, and clearing all items that aren't in line with client's image.

 - Personal Shopping. (Visiting stores, Real-time shopping {visiting the stores while on live chat with the client}, and/or Online shopping.)

 * These services can be done as a whole package or separately.

Fashion & Art Travels

 Amal started a new concept of taking diverse groups of ladies on “Fashion & Arts” trips to Italy and Switzerland. These trips include styling, personal shopping, entrepreneurial inspirations and discussions, fashion lectures, and distinctive Culture, Arts, and Fashion destinations and exhibitions.

 * Get in touch, through our contact page, for further details.

Shopping Spree

 Groups- Shopping with groups while offering style tips in the best stores that suit their different styles and respective budgets.

 Tourist Shopping- Similar to above, with the addition of visits to souvenir shops and tourist attractive destinations and souks.

 Gift Shopping- Assisting clients in gift shopping for special ones and special occasions.

 Personal Shopping- Too exhausted to go through the hassle of finding items of desire? Leave it to Amal to take the load off your shoulders.

Styling for Occasions

 Based on your needs, you can choose from one to several available services; finding the perfect and most memorable gown for you, styling the pre-occasion photo-shoot, styling other family members, and more.

 Weddings (full wardrobe shopping available)


 Awards Ceremony

 Graduation/ Prom