Personal Services

Lifestyle Analysis & Personal Styling (Full service)

 - Analyzing client’s lifestyle and desired image.

 - Offering style education and total make-overs (Color analysis, Style & fit, Clothing personality) to align a client's image to existing/new lifestyle; fulfilling the desired image.

 - Wardrobe Edits; structuring the wardrobe essentials, seasonal add-ons, and clearing all items that aren't in line with client's image.

 - Personal Shopping. (Visiting stores, Real-time shopping {visiting the stores while on live chat with the client}, and/or Online shopping.)

 * These services can be done as a whole package or separately.

Luxury Trips

 Amal started a new concept of taking diverse groups of ladies on “Fashion & Arts” trips to Italy and Switzerland. These trips include styling, personal shopping, entrepreneurial inspirations and discussions, fashion lectures, and distinctive Culture, Arts, and Fashion destinations and exhibitions.

 * Get in touch, through our contact page, for further details.

Styling for Occasions

 Based on your needs, you can choose from one to several available services; finding the perfect and most memorable gown for you, styling the pre-occasion photo-shoot, styling other family members, and more.

 Weddings (full wardrobe shopping available)


 Awards Ceremony

 Graduation/ Prom